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“The State of the World 2012″ will be launched at the Ethos International

“The State of the World 2012″ will be launched at the Ethos International

16 maio, 2012

All conference participants will receive a free copy in Portuguese.

Sao Paulo, May 2012 – During the 2012 International Conference Ethos, will launch the publication “The State of the World 2012″ which makes the annual sustainability of the planet, according to surveys by the research and NGO Worldwatch Institute (WWI).

This year, the publication deals with the sustainable prosperity. The very first chapter, alert to the fact that the world today one third of humanity lives in poverty and two billion new people will join us, seven billion over the next 40 years. Poverty and population growth places on the current generation the challenge of providing better living conditions for deprived today and for generations to come, a planet whose natural resources are finite and on the verge of exhaustion. How to cope with these problems? The answers are varied, but all point to the path of sustainable development challenges of building this road are the subjects of discussions at the Rio + 20 Conference and also the 2012 Ethos International.

Ethos International Conference 2012 – This year, Ethos International Conference will be held 11-13 June at the Hotel Transamerica in Sao Paulo, and is entitled “Business and the new economy.What changes with Rio + 20? ” In two plenary sessions, six dialogues with experts, a seminar-workshops and ten panels will discuss the affairs of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20. There will also be in-depth reflections on the themes structuring the new economy and the improvement of the proposed mechanisms that help to internalize the premises of sustainable development in economy and politics. On the 13th, at 14:30, there will be the launch Seminary Global Union for Sustainability.

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