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Luciano Coutinho, and Ambassador André Corrêa do Lago open the Ethos International Conference 2012

Luciano Coutinho, and Ambassador André Corrêa do Lago open the Ethos International Conference 2012

16 maio, 2012

Michael Renner, a researcher at the Worldwatch Institute (WWI) will also be at the opening plenary

Sao Paulo, May 2012 – economist Luciano Coutinho, president of the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Ambassador Andre Correa do Lago, chief negotiator of the Brazilian mission in Rio + 20, and researcher Michael Renner of WWI , are the personalities who will open the 2012 International Conference Ethos, the next day June 11 at 9 am. They participate in the plenary session “Expected results from  Rio + 20 and its impacts on the economy and global governance.” In this session, will cover the expectations of the decisions that the Rio + 20 may or may not adopt. Luciano Coutinho will do a background about the possible impacts on the Brazilian economy and global ambassador Andre Correa do Lago comment on the consequences in global governance. Then the researcher Michael Renner will present the results of the publication “The State of the World 2012″, released recently by the NGO WWI.

Other speakers have already confirmed weight of Ethos International Conference 2012, among which we mention: Ignacy Sachs, economist, Polish living in France, a pioneer in studies of sustainable development; Pavan Sukhdev, an economist, developed the first study of recovery biodiversity for the economy, the Teeb – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, and John Elkington, British sociologist, a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable development, was the formulator of the concept of “triple bottom line”, or the convergence of social, the environmental and economical to be the model of sustainable development.

Ethos International Conference 2012 – This year, Ethos International Conference will be held 11-13 June at the Hotel Transamerica in Sao Paulo, and is entitled “Business and the new economy: What changes with Rio + 20?” In two plenary sessions, six round tables, a seminar-workshops and ten panels will discuss the affairs of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20. There will also be in-depth reflections on the themes structuring the new economy and the improvement of the proposed mechanisms that help to internalize the premises of sustainable development in economy and politics. On the 13th, at 14:30, there will be the launch Seminary Global Union for Sustaninability.

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