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Pavan Sukhdev and the green economy

Pavan Sukhdev and the green economy

17 maio, 2012

Indian economist comes participate in the dialogue “Green Economy reduces poverty? On 11, 14 o´clock, right after the opening plenary of The Conference Ethos São Paulo, May 2012 – Soon after the IPCC reports have confirmed that climnate change is occurring because of the devastation imposed by humans on the environment, the leaders of the G8  group of eight largest economies in the world, decided to create a plataform for calculating the cost of damage to the environment Pavan Sukhdev, then a senior economist at Deutsche Bank, was asked to coordinate this project was named “ The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity – Teeb, acronym in English and linked to the United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP). Rhe Teeb showed that the annual destruction of forests generates, for example, lost nearly three trillion dollars in services to society and business. “We are destroying the resources we need to continue living on this planet and note even come to know all the potencial that they contain”, warms Sukhdev. “ We should find ways to turn thos wealth into income of the population,“ he proclaims. How to transform natural wealth into income of the population“ he proclaims. How to transform natural wealth into income and thus fight poverty iso one of the themes that the Indian economist seeks to address in their dialogue. Ethos International Conference 2012. A more than necessary to answer questions and establish initiatives that will lead to a new green economy, inclusive and accountable.

Ethos International Conference 2012 – This year, Ethos International Conference will be held 11-13 June at the Hotel Transamerica in São Paulo, and is entiled “ Business and the new economy : What chanes with Rio+20?”. In two plenary sessions, six dialogues with experts, a semninar-workshops and ten panels will discuss the affairs of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Nations Conference on Sustainable Development , Rio+20. There will also be in-depth reflections on the themes structuring the new economy and the improvement of the proposed mechanisms that help to internalize the premises of sustainable development in economy and politics. On the 13th, at 14:30, the will be the launch Seminary Global Union for Sustainability.

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