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Good practices

In promoting the 2012 Ethos International Conference, we seek to advance in the process of constructing an event that is more and more sustainable. Find out about our actions in seeking to minimize the negative environmental impacts in the promotion of events:

Awareness in printing – For the printed materials, we use paper with the certification of the Brazilian Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The ink used in offset printing is soy-based, which minimizes the impact on the environment. The printer, responsible for the production of the materials used in the conference, compensates for the carbon emission in the whole production chain, and also hires people with special needs in the area of product finishing”.

Saving energy – Most of the lamps used in the event are LED.

Gifts – The companies sponsoring the event are instructed to only offer gifts made of recyclable and reusable material.

Transport – We advise the participants to use public transport, bicycle or a shared ride system. The production team of the conference is transported to and from the event in a van.

Sound – The batteries of the microphones are recycled after use.

Individual Protection – The carriers and fitters of the conference must use individual protection equipment.

Passes – They are made of recycled paper and cotton string.

Legal hiring – All of the suppliers of the conference have certifications proving that their company is up-to-date with tax, fiscal and labor obligations.

Accessibility – The pass of the event includes a special desk that provides assistance to people with reduced mobility. The stages count on ramps that allow access to people in wheelchairs.


Read the preparatory documents to Ethos International Conference 2012



Know who are the partners in the organization oh Ethos International Conferece 2012



Know who are the partners in the organization of Ethos International Conference 2012

  • itau
  • sebrae
  • Eletrobras
  • Governo Federal
  • kpmg
  • infraero
  • braskem
  • bradesco
  • queiroz galvao